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PIDAS is an advanced software solution with ability to capture and analyze the sales (POS) and inventory data for OEM customers. We use complex algorithms and advanced data analytics in capturing the sales trend and forecast inventory requirements.

Utilizing the Insights generated from the Analytics, advanced solutions are packaged and provided to the Clients:

  • Demand Management
  • Inventory Optimization

It doesn't get any easier than PIDAS. Automatically capture your sales trends and easily analyze the demand with our inventory management.

Inventory Optimization
Sales Trends
Demand Management

What we do

Our Awesome Features

Data Collection & Validation

Gathering and Measuring information on targeted variables

Data Analytics

Allows you to make better business decisions.


Helps to understand the significance of data by placing it in a visual context.

What we have done



With each customer portal periodically


Real time POS and Inventory data

Seasonality / Trending

Time Series Analysis

Similar Behaving Product Groups

Combinations of Categories

Influential Factor Determination

Analyze external factors influencing customers

Manage Demand

Use Seasonality/Trending

Adjust Demand Forecasts

Promotions, External Influences


Products based on Similar Product Trends

Category Management

Promote Products based on Trending

Channel Partner Relationship

Coordinate special orders based on predicted demand

Control Inventory levels

For slow-moving Items

Place Orders

For Seasonal Items based on Trending

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